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The most accessible form of art, photography builds the foundation for videography and film. By itself, photography rules are secured by the aesthic language from architecture design. (Think Rule of thirds, Contrast, Golden Ratio and etc). With a strong foundation in photography, the other services are a natural expansion to support clients’ online presence.

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Video + Live Stream

Why settle for a still image when you can have video? Both photo and video serve a different purpose but wouldn’t it be great to have both in your arsenal? 
Attention grabbing photo to stop the scroll, and entertaining video to add more brownie points.
Rather the action to be live? We help set up and run Live Steam for clients who equires it or even thrive in it!

WordPress site creation, content creation, maintainence

Website Design

Yes, there are wonderful free social media platforms to use, only thing is, they own us, not vice versa. We are at the mercy of any change of rules, updates or even impersonators. (you must have experienced friends adding you again in Facebook, right?) 

A website is your base and you decide the needs and purpose. Use social media as a hook to your website, but always have a decent website to build the trust.
Go here for WordPress site maintenance.

Experiential, online, onsite


The best way to keep abreast of the latest trend and make some new connection while at it. Every quarter, ThePufferfish co-host with MetaCircle International in various workshops, ranging from Styling and Shooting with Mobile phone, Creating Engaging Virtual Sessions to Video Greetins and more!
While most of the workshops are 2-3hr entry level content, we have run customised 2-day workshops as well.



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