Reluctant Networking

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Sin Kok Wai Reluctant Networker

About The Book

“With 10 of you in this room, it’ll still be quiet”.

That sums up for many introverts out there.
But as business owners or those climbing the career ladder, it’s almost impossible to progress without meeting… PEOPLE!

How did 14 of us manage to overcome our innate preference to have personal time and space?

Did it happen overnight or like many other life skills, through effort, trial and error that we managed to convince ourselves enough to network?

Sin Kok Wai Reluctant Networker

“The stories shared in this book are an important reminder to introverts ‘stuck’ in their comfort zone to invest in their relationships which then brings about multiple returns in your personal, social, financial aspects of your lives”

Vivek Iyyani, Millennial Specialist

What’s inside















And 8 other stories!

Sudhir Nair

I am an Introvert!
I say it NOW without reservation or apprehension! But that wasn’t always the case.

I grew up thinking of introversion as being a negative condition; a personality and character flaw that needed fixing and overcoming. It influenced the way I interacted, learnt, developed, and later taught, coached, lead and even parented.

It dawned on me, looking back, that I felt this way, because of my own perceptions, borne not so much out of my own experiences, but more so from this being inculcated in me by those around me.

To be fair, they had also been conditioned to think and feel this way.

So for many years, I saw the world through an extroverted lens though I behaved and felt deep down like an introvert. I denied that side of myself, seeing it as a weakness, preferring to give excuses when asked if I was introverted.
Even as I developed my craft as a Life Skills Coach and Leadership Learning Facilitator, I never quite paid enough attention to this aspect of myself or explored this with my Clients, Learners or Coachees and instead, often focussed more attention on helping them develop or enhance their more Extroverted-type qualities, for what I thought would be more important to their effectiveness in various roles within their personal and professional lives.

The COVID – 19 pandemic in 2020 brought with it many unprecedented challenges, but it also opened the door to many great positives in my life and opened my eyes to new realisations.

Significantly, it reconnected me with Mervin Yeo, who gave me a new perspective that has reshaped my own understanding and appreciation of introversion and in the process, redefined my purpose as a Coach and Facilitator.
I was immediately drawn to his quiet energy. Here was a man who was not shy about expressing his Introversion and instead spoke about this aspect of himself confidently and proudly.

What also struck me about Mervin was his steadfast belief in being true to himself, as an introvert and drawing on his own inner strength as an introvert to become increasingly effective in Communication, Networking and Personal Branding, which many introverts often struggle with at some time in their professional lives.

Mervin, driven to this appreciation, as a proud, practicing introvert, founded Introverts Network Asia (INA) 7 years ago and Quiet Impact Asia a year ago, to help change the narrative and convince introverts (and others) about the power within all Introverts – that this power needs celebrating and harnessing, not suppressing or countering.
Surrounding himself with equally driven, capable and purposeful introverts, one of whom I am proud to be, it has become his purpose (and my mission too) to change the world for introverts; to bolster their networking capabilities and facilitate platforms for sharing of knowledge and individual successes as introverts. The ability to get yourself out there amongst the masses, to connect and build relationships that matter, is in itself, a continuous life process.

For introverts, because of our underpinning reluctance brought about by either our aversion to social interactions or natural tendencies to shy away from large social settings, this can be a daunting prospect.

Yet, we all need help and guidance, to push through our own reluctance and insecurities, and the boundaries set by either our own introverted minds or society as a collective, to help us discover our networking superpower and enhance our personal leadership brand.

This book, Reluctant Networking, helps achieve this by being, in my view, nothing short of THE introverts Reference Guide for Networking.

Suffice to say, this book is not ‘a one size fits all’ approach to Networking greatness, but a more inside out, individualized approach to finding one’s own inner strength and introverted capabilities, towards becoming a more fulfilled and effective version of ourselves in various networking contexts.


This book has an understated power to it, much like introverts.

Mervin, has, through his own prowess as a Supreme Networker, brought together a diverse group of successful introverted individuals from various fields and generations who have unashamedly and generously shared their own experiences and vulnerabilities as introverts, as they navigated the often challenging realm of networking.
What they have achieved successfully through each of their stories of self-realization and discovery are real life networking lessons, tips and insights that each and every introvert can take away and practice.

In fact, reading through, the reader will no doubt be surprised to discover that for each of these contributing authors, it is their introverted type tendencies and qualities that have proven to be the catalyst and contributor to their effectiveness in networking and ultimately their successes in their chosen profession and roles.

I feel privileged and honored to be writing this foreword and thank Mervin Yeo for giving me the opportunity to be part of this book, for his vision towards building a better world for introverts. Finally, I thank each and every author in this book for allowing us to take a peek into their lives, whilst offering us valuable and practical insights and advice that has worked for each of them.

Written for introverts by fellow introverts and sharing their networking success stories – this is a MUST READ for all introverts who struggle to connect with people effectively and for those who are eager to enhance their Networking Superpower.

Mr Sudhir Nair | Leadership Learning Consultant – Facilitator & Life Skills Coach Dialogue Between Introverts (QIA & INA) Co – host

Victorious Stories


I’ve often said, “I may be an introvert, but I work as a team player” when it comes to work and projects. 

This collaborative book project is no different. In fact, it’s a testament to what networking through collaboration can achieve. Most, if not all the contributors are INA (Introverts Network Asia) friends. 

We dedicate this book to other INA friends and visitors of INA, and of course, our family and loved ones who have always been supportive of our endeavours.


An amazing collection of experiences that inspires you to take an entirely different perspective of what networking is. This book shapes the real essence of networking which allows one to build deeper and more meaningful relationships. A Must Read for Introverts!

Bernard Ng, Co-Founder of UNIQ HR Partners

Networking is made possible with real life stories of how introverts step out of their zone to craft out success in their career. Reluctant Networking is a must read for anyone who is still in their own "fear zone" of interacting with a group of people.

Chua Kheng Seng, AFC, IBF Qualified, Investment/Retirement Consultant

Love the insights from reluctant networking. Inspirational and authentic sharing. Being an introvert entrepreneur myself, I can identify with this book and highly recommend this to any introvert who wants to step out of their shell.

Gabriel Yu , Business Consultant / Online Entrepreneur

For someone who is introverted, the ability and skills to open up, reach out, connect and build rapport with others can be daunting. This book offers very practical strategies and action steps you can take to touch the world and make a difference by letting your uniqueness shine through.

Joseph Lee, Founder, SME Challenge

About Kok Wai, one of the authors.

Sin Kok Wai

A creative producer and media trainer, Kok Wai embolden businesses to create a purposeful online presence. With over 20 years of acquired experience, expertise and exposure, his humble commercial photography studio, ThePufferfish, has now evolved to include an integrated content creation set up.

Kok Wai has worked with diverse groups of people from different levels, managing tactical and production roles, applying winning formulas on projects for companies such as Nike, Canon, Din Tai Fung and more.

Kok Wai

ThePufferfish is also the proud sponsor of the portrait photographs for many of the authors featured in this book!

5 Reasons to buy as a gift

For extroverts who misunderstood introverts, and for introverts who need a pat on the back 🙂

“Why are you so quiet?”

Yes this is the most common misunderstanding we get as introverts. But are we really quiet in our mind? Maybe they need to know how to ask the right questions.

“You don’t seem to like networking?”

Woah… hold your horses there. Not speaking the loudest and the fastest doesn’t mean we ain’t thinking. Maybe we are thinking so hard and complete that, until fully formed ideas are ready, we hold our mouths.
(so you can look good, for a little while)

“I better help you speak”

While we like to have extroverts around so we can rest and recharge, when introverts speaks economically, it doesn’t mean we can’t speak for ourselves. When the right moment comes, we will.

“Nothing to say? Let me continue…”

Peace, peace my friend. Listening takes effort and silent breaks are most welcome. Let us all enjoy a moment of silence…
…wait not yet….

“Silence means consent, right?”

Being gentle is not a sign of weakness. We can be confident, assertive, bold and courageous as much as any extrovert. We just choose our battle.

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